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Tolsen electric concrete mixer is a machine used to mix various components, such as cement, sand, gravel, and water, to create concrete, which is used in construction projects. The electric concrete mixer operates through a simple and efficient process, which I'll outline below:

Top Loading: First, the components of the concrete mixture are loaded into the mixer. The typical proportions for a basic concrete mix are approximately one part cement, two parts sand, three parts gravel, and sufficient water to create the desired consistency. The exact ratios may vary based on the specific application.

Inbuilt Electric Motor: Electric concrete mixers are powered by an electric motor. This motor is connected to the mixing drum, which is the large container that holds the concrete components during the mixing process.

200L Mixing Drum: The mixing drum of the electric concrete mixer is the critical component where the actual mixing takes place. It is a large, rotating container with fins or blades inside. When the electric motor is activated, it rotates the mixing drum.

The Mixing Process: As the mixing drum rotates, the blades inside lift and tumble the concrete components, causing them to mix thoroughly. The cement, sand, gravel, and water combine, and the mixing action ensures a homogenous mixture.

Discharging: Once the concrete is mixed to the desired consistency and uniformity, the mixer is tilted or the drum is opened to discharge the concrete mixture. The mixer can either pour the concrete directly onto the construction site or into a wheelbarrow or other transportation equipment for distribution.

Cleaning: After the concrete has been discharged, the mixer needs to be cleaned thoroughly to remove any remaining concrete and prevent it from hardening inside the drum. Cleanout is essential to keep the mixer in good working condition and ready for the next use.

Electric concrete mixers are popular due to their ease of use, lower maintenance compared to diesel-powered mixers, and the availability of electric power in most construction sites. They are commonly used for small to medium-scale construction projects, DIY projects, and in situations where portability and convenience are important factors. Larger construction sites and projects may use bigger mixers, often powered by other means like diesel engines or even hydraulics, to handle larger volumes of concrete.

  • GS approved
  • Rated Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Motor: 800 W electric motor
  • Motor speed: 2800rpm
  • Capacity: 200L
  • Thickness: up drum 1.2mm / lower drum 1.8mm
  • Drum speed: 28rpm
  • Drum opening: 400mm
  • Cast iron gear ring
  • Handle: round handle
  • Packing: carton box

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