Astramilano high pressure 2 Inch 100m cast iron Petrol water Pump AMP50ZPHP

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Astramilano high pressure 2 Inch 100m cast iron Petrol water Pump AMP50ZPHP 

  • • AMP50ZPHP Italy
  • • 7.5HP Petrol Engine
  • • 2Inch inlet and outlet
  • • 100m Headlift
  • • 8-10M Suction 
  • • 35m3/h Capacity
  • •  Spares Available 
  • • Countrywide Delivery

Astramilano 7.5HP 100M cast iron petrol pump refers to a pump powered by a 7.5 horsepower petrol engine and is capable of lifting water up to a maximum height of 100 meters. The use of cast iron for various components of this pump offers several advantages:

  1. Durability and Strength: Cast iron is known for its exceptional durability and strength. It can withstand heavy usage, pressure, and exposure to the elements without deforming or breaking, making it suitable for demanding applications like water pumping.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: Cast iron pumps are often coated with protective layers to enhance their resistance to corrosion and rust. This is especially important when the pump is used in outdoor or wet environments where exposure to water and moisture is common.
  3. Longevity: The durability of cast iron contributes to the longevity of the pump. Cast iron components can withstand wear and tear, allowing the pump to have a longer operational lifespan with proper maintenance.
  4. Heat Resistance: Cast iron has excellent heat resistance, which is beneficial for pumps that generate heat during operation. It helps prevent warping or deformation of critical components due to high temperatures.
  5. Vibration Dampening: Cast iron has natural vibration dampening properties, which can help reduce vibrations and noise during pump operation. This is important for maintaining stable and quiet performance.
  6. Pressure Handling: Cast iron's robustness makes it suitable for pumps that need to handle high pressures, such as lifting water to significant heights (100 meters in this case). It maintains its structural integrity under pressure.
  7. Stability and Balance: Cast iron's weight and density contribute to the overall stability and balance of the pump. This stability helps ensure that the pump remains secure during operation and doesn't shift or wobble excessively.
  8. Chemical Compatibility: Cast iron is compatible with a wide range of fluids, including water and various liquids, making it suitable for pumping tasks involving different types of liquids
  9. Minimal Flexibility: Cast iron has low flexibility compared to other materials, which is an advantage in applications where dimensional stability is crucial. This helps maintain the pump's efficiency and accuracy.
  10. Low Maintenance: Cast iron components are relatively low-maintenance, requiring minimal attention over time. Regular checks and basic upkeep can help ensure the pump's continued performance.
  11. Aesthetic Appeal: Cast iron often has an attractive appearance that adds a touch of classic and timeless aesthetic to the pump. This can be appealing for both functional and visual reasons.

It's important to note that while cast iron offers numerous advantages, there are also considerations such as weight (cast iron is heavier than some alternative materials) and the need for proper coating or protection to prevent rust. The overall suitability of a cast iron petrol pump depends on the specific application and operating conditions.

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